ZANOBIA is an Arab.ian fashion company established in 2005 and managed by a team of Arabs and different nationalities.

We have been working in the fashion industry for 18 years now, where we design and produce proudly our own products in our factory that is located in Nasr City.

Because of our experience in manufacturing, we produce clothes for various brands all over the world and support them in developing their collections.

ZANOBIA, derived from the name of an ancient queen known for her strength, beauty, and individuality, embodied the spirit of our company—to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

Our journey began with a simple idea: to provide individuals, businesses, and organizations with high-quality, customizable clothing solutions that truly reflect their unique identities.

Over the years and learning from experience, it has grown from a niche to a giant catering to the need of garments importers all around the world. The company has always kept pace with changing trends in the international clothing market and its diverse requirements.

As a responsible, resourceful business enterprise, the company is committed to meet all the costumer’s desires and needs at all times, we follow a single-point agenda to set new standards in fashion, and customer’s delight which has been following us.

ZANOBIA produces more than 100 thousand garments per year and has evolved a near perfect quality control and customer care system.

By the hands of an experienced team of committed professionals, its entire production process is geared to deliver flawless quality garments on committed time, and ensures the best product that blends style and comfort for the best given price.

We have invested on intensive systems to control our business flow and have a quality team that ensures the best product that blends style, comfort, and durability for the best given price.Since our inception, ZANOBIA has become synonymous with excellence and creativity in the clothing industry, which makes us committed to our strict standards for the best quality that the customer desires.